Post Hole Digger


Post hole digger is designed for all drilling operations.It can be used for road construction, fence making, tree planting, etc.

What is the structure of post hole digger?

The motor of the pile hole excavator is air-cooled and has a unique vertical gearbox design, which can improve its efficiency and reliability. The sturdy 20mm drill mount means that the drill bit and extension can be firmly attached to the damaged ground without slipping on the surface. The whole auger is made of heavy-duty steel and is durable. The ergonomic rubber handle minimizes vibration and makes work as comfortable as possible.

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Sunfield is a home-grown brand of affordable, high-quality farm and ranch tools and accessories based in Brampton,Canada.  We specialize in bringing you the tools you need to get the job done. Our products range from large 3-point tractor accessories like our quick-hitches and post-hole diggers, to our reliable gas-powered yard tools, to small-but-crucial fence-bulding accessories. So whether you’re tilling a field, running a fence-line, or just cleaning up the yard, Sunfield products will make the task easier, and are available at your local farm store at an affordable price.

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In the period of our operation we have managed to create a high standing for our brand in this highly competitive domain with the support of our diverse range of products. We have slowly become one of the most trusted brand of the market due to our client centric policies and fair dealing habits. Over the years the high quality of our products and exceptional sales and delivery services have also helped us in earning the support of our clients. The preference for our range has constantly increased in the past due to our:

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Industrial-Duty Rock Auger

18″ Diameter, Hex Drive, Interchangeable Standard Edges.

Industrial Duty Earth Auger

18″ Diameter, Hex Drive, Interchangeable Standard Edges.

Industrial Duty Rock Auger

6″ Diameter, Hex Drive, Interchangeable Standard Edges.

Industrial Duty Earth Auger

12″ Diameter, Hex Drive, Interchangeable Standard Edges


What metal are post hole diggers made of?

The majority of post hole diggers are made out of steel.The main reason for this utilization occurs due to the natural tensile strength of steel.Since post hole diggers are subjected to repetitive impact and pressure, a material that is hard and not malleable is best suited for the job.Steel meets all these requirements.

Do post hole diggers work in clay?

In simple words, post hole diggers do work in clay.However, they don’t work in the usual conventional way. Instead, there is a particular protocol  you might need to adhere to if you want to make your job easier.Since dried clay is hard and tough to break through, you’ll need to soften the upper layer by periodically spraying water on it.Only then can you use post hole diggers effectively.

How to sharpen post hole diggers?

Since the blades on the post hold hole diggers don’t open to a wide angle, the best way to go about sharpening them is by detaching the blades first.As the name implies, you’ll have to take them out and attend to them separately.You can use a standard sharpening file. When done, reattach the blades.

What is the easiest way to dig a hole?

The easiest way to go about digging a hole is by first using a mattock to remove the topsoil.Once done, you can take out any roots or heavy objects out of the way.Proceed to make a boundary for the hole with the help of a shovel and then start digging.Note that this is applicable only on moderately dry soil.

How do you dig holes in hard soil?

Hard soil can be hardened due to a plethora of factors. This might include the climate, soil texture, rock presence, or all of the above.The main way to tackle this predicament is by breaking up the hard soil, and then start digging.This is done by the use of a long metal toothpick, which goes easily into the ground and creates air pathways.Do as much as needed, and then start digging. 

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These post hole diggers use high-strength materials, allowing you to run the product for a long time without damage. Wear-resistant aluminum alloy and manganese steel ensure that you can confidently handle different drilling operations and obtain satisfactory results. Most machines include additional drill bits of different sizes and extensions in their packaging, enabling you to meet the needs of a variety of home and lawn applications. 

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