Yinuo Cost made in China – replacement parts – in Pretoria South Africa Brand High Quality Ductile Iron 300psi Threaded EPT al Tee with top quality

Yinuo  Cost  made in China - replacement parts -  in Pretoria South Africa  Brand High Quality Ductile Iron 300psi Threaded EPT al Tee with top quality

We – EPG Team the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears factory in China with 5 distinct branches. For far more information: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

EPT Brand Higher Quality Ductile Iron 300psi Threaded Mechanical Tee

Specification of  Mechanical Tee&lparThreaded&rpar

Nominal Dimension mm&solin Pipe O&periodD mm&solin Working Pressure PSI&solMPa Bolt Size  Dimensions mm&solin Hole cuting proportions
No&time period-Dimensions mm Ø A B C mm&solin
50&ast25    sixty&period3&ast33&period7 three hundred 2-M10&ast55 seventy eight one hundred fifteen fifty eight seventy four 38
2&ast1 two&period375&ast1&period327 two&period07 three&period071 four&period527 2&period283 2&period913 one&period500
50&ast32         60&period3&ast42&period4         300 78 115 fifty eight 74 forty six
2&ast1¼ 2&period375&ast1&period669 2&period07 3&period071 4&period527  two&period283 two&period913 one&period8
fifty&ast40       sixty&period3&ast48&period3        300 seventy eight 115 fifty eight 74 46
two&ast1½ two&period375&ast1&period900 2&period07 3&period071 4&period527 2&period283 2&period913 1&period8
65&ast25 seventy three&ast33&period7 300 2-M12&ast60 ninety seven 138 68 77 38
2½&ast1 two&period87&ast1&period327 two&period07 three&period819 five&period433 2&period677 three&period031 one&period5
sixty five&ast32 seventy three&ast42&period4 three hundred 97 138 68 84 51
2½&ast1¼ two&period87&ast1&period669 2&period07 three&period819 five&period433 2&period677 three&period307 2
65&ast40     seventy three&ast48&period3 300 ninety seven 138 sixty eight 84 fifty one
2½&ast1½ two&period87&ast1&period900 two&period07 three&period819 5&period433 two&period677 three&period307 2
65&ast25 seventy six&period1&ast33&period7 300 ninety nine 140 70 77 38
3OD&ast1 three&ast1&period327 two&period07 3&period898 5&period512 two&period756 3&period031 1&period5
65&ast32 seventy six&period1&ast42&period4 three hundred 99 one hundred forty 70 84 fifty one
3OD&ast1¼ three&ast1&period669 two&period07 3&period898 5&period512 2&period756 three&period307 two
65&ast40     76&period1&ast48&period3 three hundred ninety nine a hundred and forty 70 eighty four 51
3OD&ast1½ three&ast1&period900 two&period07 three&period898 5&period512 2&period756 three&period307 two
eighty&ast25 88&period9&ast33&period7 300 2-M12&ast65 112 one hundred fifty seventy six 79 38
3&ast1 three&period500&ast1&period327 2&period07 4&period409 5&period906 2&period992 3&period110 1&period5
80&ast32 88&period9&ast42&period4 300 112 150 seventy six eighty four fifty one
three&ast1¼ three&period500&ast1&period669 2&period07 four&period409 five&period906 two&period992 3&period307 two
eighty&ast40 88&period9&ast48&period3 three hundred 112 150 seventy six eighty four 51
three&ast1½ 3&period500&ast1&period900 2&period07 four&period409 five&period906 two&period992 three&period307 two
80&ast50 88&period9&ast60&period3 three hundred 112 a hundred and fifty seventy six a hundred sixty four
three&ast2 3&period500&ast2&period375 two&period07 four&period409 five&period906 2&period992 three&period937 2&period500
100&ast25 114&period3&ast33&period7 three hundred 2-M12&ast75 one hundred forty 176 ninety seventy nine 38
4&ast1 4&period500&ast1&period327 two&period07 five&period512 6&period929 3&period543 3&period11 one&period5
100&ast32 114&period3&ast42&period4 three hundred 140 176 ninety ninety two 51
4&ast1¼ four&period500&ast1&period669 two&period07 5&period512 6&period929 three&period543 three&period622 two
a hundred&ast40 114&period3&ast48&period3 three hundred 140 176 ninety ninety two fifty one
four&ast1½ four&period500&ast1&period900 2&period07 five&period512 6&period929 three&period543 three&period622 two
100&ast50 114&period3&ast60&period3 three hundred 140 176 90 107 64
four&ast2 four&period500&ast2&period375 2&period07 five&period512 6&period929 three&period543 four&period213 two&period500
a hundred&ast65 114&period3&ast73 300 140 176 ninety seven 114 70
four&ast2½ 4&period500&ast2&period874 two&period07 5&period512 6&period929 three&period819 four&period488 2&period75
one hundred&ast65 114&period3&ast76&period1 300 one hundred forty 176 ninety seven 114 70
4&ast3OD 4&period500&ast3 two&period07 5&period512 6&period929 3&period819 four&period488 two&period75
100&ast80 114&period3&ast88&period9 three hundred a hundred and forty 176 ninety five 134 89
four&ast3 four&period500&ast3&period500 two&period07 5&period512 six&period929 3&period74 five&period276 3&period5

Nominal Measurement mm&solin Pipe O&periodD mm&solin Working Force PSI&solMPa Bolt Size  Dimensions mm&solin Gap cuting dimensions
No&period of time-Size mm Ø A B C mm&solin
one hundred twenty five&ast25 139&period7&ast33&period7 three hundred 2-M16&ast85 166 215 103 seventy nine 38
five&period5OD&ast1 five&period500&ast1&period327 two&period07 6&period535 8&period465 4&period055 3&period11 one&period5
a hundred twenty five&ast32 139&period7&ast42&period4 three hundred 166 215 103 92 51
five&period5OD&ast1¼ five&period500&ast1&period669 two&period07 6&period535 8&period465 4&period055 3&period622 two
125&ast40 139&period7&ast48&period3  300 166 215 103 92 51
5&period5OD&ast1½ five&period500&ast1&period900 two&period07 six&period535 8&period465 four&period055 three&period622 two
one hundred twenty five&ast50         139&period7&ast60&period3      three hundred 166 215 108 107 64
5&period5OD&ast2 5&period500&ast2&period375 two&period07 6&period535 8&period465 four&period252 four&period213 2&period500
one hundred twenty five&ast65  139&period7&ast76&period1     300 166 215 108 114 70
5&period5OD&ast3OD 5&period500&ast3 2&period07 6&period535 8&period465 4&period252 4&period488 2&period75
one hundred twenty five&ast80 139&period7&ast88&period9 three hundred 166 215 108 132 89
five&period5OD&ast3 five&period500&ast3&period500 2&period07 six&period535 8&period465 four&period252 five&period197 three&period5
a hundred and fifty&ast25 one hundred sixty five&period1&ast33&period7 three hundred 192 241 116 79 38
six&period5OD&ast1 six&period500&ast1&period327 2&period07 seven&period559 nine&period488 4&period567 3&period11 one&period5
150&ast32 a hundred sixty five&period1&ast42&period4 300 192 241 116 92 fifty one
6&period5OD&ast1¼ six&period500&ast1&period669 two&period07 7&period559 9&period488 four&period567 3&period622 2
one hundred fifty&ast40 a hundred sixty five&period1&ast48&period3 300 192 241 116 92 fifty one
six&period5OD&ast1½ 6&period500&ast1&period900 two&period07 7&period559 9&period488 4&period567 three&period622 2
one hundred fifty&ast50     one hundred sixty five&period1&ast60&period3 300 192 241 121 107 64
6&period5OD&ast2 six&period500&ast2&period375 2&period07 7&period559 9&period488 four&period764 4&period213 2&period500
150&ast65 165&period1&ast76&period1 three hundred 192 241 126 114 70
6&period5OD&ast3OD six&period500&ast3 two&period07 7&period559 nine&period488 four&period961 four&period488 two&period75
one hundred fifty&ast80     a hundred sixty five&period1&ast88&period9 300 192 241 126 132 89
6&period5OD&ast3 6&period500&ast3&period500 2&period07 7&period559 nine&period488 4&period961 5&period197 three&period5
one hundred fifty&ast25 one hundred sixty five&period1&ast33&period7 three hundred 194 243 117 seventy nine 38
6&ast1 6&period500&ast1&period327 2&period07 seven&period638 nine&period567 4&period606 three&period11 one&period5
150&ast32 168&period3&ast42&period4 300 194 243 117 92 fifty one
6&ast1¼ 6&period625&ast1&period669 2&period07 7&period638 9&period567 four&period606 three&period622 2
a hundred and fifty&ast40 168&period3&ast48&period3 three hundred 194 243 117 ninety two 51
six&ast1½ six&period625&ast1&period900 2&period07 seven&period638 nine&period567 4&period606 3&period622 two
one hundred fifty&ast50 168&period3&ast60&period3 300 194 243 122 107 sixty four
6&ast2 6&period625&ast2&period375 two&period07 7&period638 nine&period567 four&period803 4&period213 2&period500
150&ast65 168&period3&ast73 300 194 243 127 117 70
six&ast2½ six&period625&ast2&period874 two&period07 seven&period638 nine&period567 5 4&period606 2&period75
a hundred and fifty&ast80 168&period3&ast88&period9 300 194 243 127 134 89
six&ast3 6&period625&ast3&period500 two&period07 seven&period638 nine&period567 5 five&period276 three&period5
two hundred&ast25 219&period1&ast33&period7 three hundred two-M16&ast100 250 305 145 seventy nine 38
eight&ast1 8&period625&ast1&period327 two&period07 9&period843 twelve&period007 5&period709 3&period11 1&period5
200&ast32 219&period1&ast42&period4 three hundred 250 305 145 ninety two 51
8&ast1¼ eight&period625&ast1&period669 two&period07 9&period843 twelve&period007 five&period709 three&period622 two
200&ast40 219&period1&ast48&period3 300 250 305 one hundred forty five 92 fifty one
eight&ast1½ eight&period625&ast1&period900 two&period07 9&period843 twelve&period007 five&period709 three&period622 2
200&ast50 219&period1&ast60&period3 300 250 305 150 107 64
eight&ast2 8&period625&ast2&period375 2&period07 nine&period843 twelve&period007 five&period906 four&period213 two&period500
two hundred&ast65 219&period1&ast76&period1 300 250 305 155 117 70
8&ast3OD eight&period625&ast3 2&period07 9&period843 twelve&period007 six&period102 4&period606 2&period75
200&ast80 219&period1&ast88&period9 300 250 305 one hundred fifty five 134 89
eight&ast3 8&period625&ast3&period500 2&period07 nine&period843 twelve&period007 6&period102 5&period276 3&period5
two hundred&ast100 219&period1&ast114&period3 300 250 305 a hundred and fifty five 160 114
eight&ast4 8&period625&ast4&period500 2&period07 9&period843 twelve&period007 6&period102 six&period299 4&period5

Installation Instruction for Threaded&Grooved Mechanical Tee

1&interval Pipe Planning
Thoroughly clean the gasket sealing floor within 16mm of the gap and examine the sealing surface area visually for flaws that may stop correct sealing of the gasket&period of time Never drill the gap on weld line&time period
2&period of time Remove burrs
Eliminate any burrs or slug before installation to protect the gasket and prevent leakage&period of time
3&interval Gasket&Housing Installation
Insert the gasket into outlet housing and make sure the tab in the gasket line up with the tab recessing in the housing&period Align outlet housing over the pipe gap producing sure that the locating collar is in the pipe hole&period of time
4&period of time Alignment
Align the strap about the pipe&comma insert the bolts and tighten the nuts&period of time
five&interval Tighten nuts
Alternatively and evenly tighten the nuts to the specified bolt torque&interval
six&time period Set up full
There ought to be even gaps on two sides between the upper and decrease housings&interval

Assortment of merchandise

Rigid coupling&comma Versatile coupling&comma 90° Elbow&comma 45° Elbow&comma 22&period5° Elbow&comma 11&period25° Elbow&comma Tee&comma Minimizing Tee&lparGrooved&solThreaded&rpar&comma Cross&comma Minimizing Cross&lparGrooved&solThreaded&rpar&comma Mechnical Tee&lparGrooved&solThreaded&rpar&comma Mechnical Cross&lparGrooved&solThreaded&rpar&comma U-bolted Mechnical Tee&comma Reducer&lparGrooved&solThreaded&rpar&comma Grooved Eccentric Reducer&comma Grooved Split Flange&comma Grooved Adaptor Flange&comma Cap&interval

Comprehensive information

Certificate &colon UL detailed & FM accepted

Material &colon Ductile Iron conforming to ASTM A536&comma Quality sixty five–forty five–twelve

Thread &colon BSPT & B EPT & NPT

Common Coat &colon Epoxy-RAL3000

Optional &colon 1&interval painted  2&perioddacromat  3&periodgalvanized

Color &colon Purple&comma Blue&comma Orange&comma White

Gasket &colon EPDM &sol NBR &sol Silicon Rubber

Bolts and Nuts &colon ISO 898-1class 8&period8

Payment term &colon  T&solT&comma EPT at sight
Package &colon Cartons with pallet&sol Picket situation
Delivery time &colon 25-40 Times


Gasket Materials Temperature Range Recommendations  Coloration
E EPDM -34ºC~&plus110ºC
Suggest for hot water&comma dilute acid&comma oil-free of charge gasoline and other mecmicals&lparexcept for hybrocarbon&rpar within the specified temperature selection&period of time Not advise for petroleum and hydrocarbon&period Environmentally friendly Strip
D NBR -29ºC~&plus82ºC
Suggested for petroleum items&comma fuel with oil vapors&comma mineral oil and vegetable oil&time period Not advisable for higher temperature resources&period of time Orange Strip
S Silicon Rubber -40ºC~&plus177ºC
Advised for substantial temperature and dry air&comma and some substantial temperature chemicals&period White

Why pick 1nuo&quest

HangZhou EPT has strong technical toughness and possesses the world’s first-course tools and technology&comma as well as excellent tests strategies&time period All tough castings of grooved fittings will be processed and developed by electric-furnace smelting&comma on-line checking and handle and automatic molding strategies&time period Now our services include eleven medium frequency furnace&comma four superior vertical parting molding traces and 3 painting traces&period of time Every customer’s requirements can be happy by customized companies&period

Yinuo’s ductile iron grooved fittings have successively passed the China countrywide sort check&comma ISO 9001 and FM&UL approvals etc&time period Our items are underwritten by China Ping An Insurance&lparGroup&rpar Co&time period&commaLtd&period The grooved pipe fittings are widely used in fireplace battling&comma air-conditioning&comma drinking water provide&comma sewage&comma cement&comma reduced-force steaming&comma mine piping and normal piping delivery&period 

CE Certificate&UL Outlined&FM Accredited

ø Corporate Eyesight&colon Where there is pipes&comma there is 1nuo&period of time
ø Corporate Mission&colon Connecting pipeline about the entire world&comma benefiting homes in each creating&interval
ø Competitive Technique&colon To offer market place with perfect products&comma to win customers with outstanding provider&interval
ø Core Value&colon Pragmatic honesty&comma quality 1st&comma steady innovation and get-earn cooperation&time period
ø Quality Price&colon We endure with high quality and build by engineering&period of time

We – EPG Group the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears factory in China with 5 various branches. For far more particulars: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828 The use of authentic tools manufacturer’s (OEM) portion numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference functions only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our firm and the outlined alternative areas contained herein are not sponsored, accepted, or produced by the OEM.

Yinuo  Cost  made in China - replacement parts -  in Pretoria South Africa  Brand High Quality Ductile Iron 300psi Threaded EPT al Tee with top quality

Yinuo  Cost  made in China - replacement parts -  in Pretoria South Africa  Brand High Quality Ductile Iron 300psi Threaded EPT al Tee with top quality

Yinuo  Cost  made in China - replacement parts -  in Pretoria South Africa  Brand High Quality Ductile Iron 300psi Threaded EPT al Tee with top quality


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