China Custom Household Mini Bucket Backhoe Excavator Machine with Post Hole Digger Attachments double u joint pto shaft

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Household Mini Bucket Backhoe Excavator Machine with Post Hole Digger Attachments

About ZheJiang CHINAMFG Machinery

1.who are we?

ZheJiang CHINAMFG Machinery Co.,LTD is a modern international company engaged in construction machinery.
LEITE has developed rapidly by advanced technology and modern management.CE and ISO certificates areavailable.The strict quality control system and high quality production lines have developed the high quality products and fast delivery service. We have built 1 professional after-sales team that can server the customer well at the first time.
2.What are the advantages of our mini excavator?
Advantages of mini excavator: support multi-function operation, fast attachment of accessories, excavation, crushing, trench cleaning, drilling and bulldozing;
Warranty period: within 1 year after delivery / 2000 working hours, if there is any quality problem, we will provide you with accessories for free.
The latest configuration notice: mini excavators can increase the cab and air conditioning! ! !
Provide customized services, your exclusive shopping agent, personalized purchase, you are born different from others!

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Why Choose Our Products?



Chinese 1.8 Ton LT1018S Mini Crawler Excavator

1.The widened track shoes guarantee low ground pressure, high stability, and powerful traction to fulfill precise horizontal operations.
2.The wet type steering clutch and brake can prolong the service life and are interlinked with each other toguarantee the rapid and flexible 
steeringcontrols by joysticks.
3.It can complete the digging, handling, and landfill operations of earthworks and is suitable for the engineeringconstructionsfor roads, farms, waterconservancy projects, municipal projects, and energy projects.
4.small hydraulic excavator boasts small size, flexible operation, and favorable trafficability, and it can work freely at small and narrow place. Usually, the excavator is applied in urban construction, landscaping, and irrigation and water conservancy etc.
5.High-end Configuration and Superexcellent Quality, High-quality Driving Experience, Solidity, High Efficiency, and Durability, Convenient and Efficient Repair and Maintenance. Optional Configuration – we uphold the ” All-in-1 ” philosophy. 

1. Excavators with compact dimensions can easily drive through narrow passages and doors.
2. Retractable undercarriage and dozer blade allow the excavators to be configured for excellent working stability and optimum performance. 
3. Powerful engine and perfectly matched hydraulics provide efficient, economical and reliable performance for the toughest of jobs.
4. Bucket hoses are well protected within the boom and the cylinder is mounted above the structure.
5. The operator area is spacious and laid out to provide comfort and ease of operation.
6. Excellent engine provides excellent power with minimal fuel use for more productivity per tank.


Details Decide The Quality

We Pay More Attention To Details, Details Are Our Quality

LT1018S Design Concept
1.The complete vehicle adopts original engine that is imported from international renowned brand, Also, it introduces the constant power control system to give full swing to the engine power, and to provide the excavator with strong power. 
 2.hydraulic Medium excavator has both excellent environmental performance and large power, matched with ow fuel consumption design, operating costs are significantly reduced. 
3.Leather seats, with seat belts and handrails, can be adjusted before and after, with adjustable rear corners.
4.German MA brand continental hydraulic hose is an international brand with stable and reliable quality.
5.The external hydraulic hose is equipped with spring retainer and spiral protection hose to avoid friction, collision, bending and other damage
6.The action levers are equipped with dust covers and portable handrails
7.The main console is composed of 3 parts. The overall shape is like a “fist”, rich in tension, streamlined trend design, calm and domineering, which is in line with the aesthetics of the East and the West. The connector adopts stainless steel countersunk head gasket + countersunk head hexagon socket screw, which has good fastening and decorative effects. The instrument integrated cover at the front is easy to disassemble, and the later maintenance of electrical components and main valve is particularly convenient.

IF this cant meets your needs, we have other  models for choice

Click on the model to get detailed information


Mini Excavator LT1008 LT1012PLUS(HOT) LT1015(HOT) LT1571S LT1026S LT1035
Large excavator LT1050 LT1060(HOT) LT1150 LT1220 LT1385(HOT) LT10560


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We Can Also Provide Customized

We Can Also Provide Private Customization Services According To Your Needs

1.optional attachment :Breaker Hammer, Augers, Rakes, Quick Hitch ,, Rippers, Log Grabbers, Buckets of all sizes and more…

2.Color and style can be customize.

3.Different types of engines can be matched according to your different needs.

4.Our factory can provide private custom logo services according to your needs, customize styles according to your preferences, and be your foundry.


We are a trustworthy company

Our company always pays attention to customer evaluation. The picture below is the unanimous praise of our customers worldwide.
Committed to creating high-quality services, becoming an enterprise trusted by customers, proud of employees, and respected by society. 
Realize customer dreams and continue to create maximum value for customers.

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Performance Parameters

More model options:

Model LT1008 LT1012PLUS(HOT) LT1015(HOT) LT1017
Total Weight 800 kg 1200 kg 1500 kg 1700 kg
Rated Power 12hp/(3600rpm) 8.2 KW/rpm 18.1kw 18.1kw
Engine Koop192F Koop 192FA Koop 192FA Laidong LD385
Bucket Capacity 0.02 m³ 0.02 m³ 0.571 m³ 0.03 m³
Maximum CHINAMFG distance 2650 mm 2850 mm 3370 mm 2400 mm
Max. CHINAMFG Depth 1200 mm 2000 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm
Max. CHINAMFG Height 2470 mm 2580 mm 2850 mm 2740 mm
Gradeability 35° 25(30)° 35° 35°
Overall Width 720 mm 860 mm 1100 mm 1100 mm

Model LT1018S LT1020 LT1026S LT10235
Total Weight 1800 kg 2000 kg 2600 kg 3500 kg
Rated Power 11.8 KW/rpm 10.3 KW/rpm
11.8 KW/rpm
15 KW/rpm 15 KW/rpm
Engine D902-E4B-CBH-1 Yanmar370 KubotaD902 Yanmar3TNV76-P Yanmar3TNV76-P
Bucket Capacity 0.04 m³ 0.04 m³ 0.066 m³ 0.066 m³
Maximum CHINAMFG distance 3500 mm 3600 mm 4200 mm 4500 mm
Max. CHINAMFG Depth 2120 mm 2310 mm 2320 mm 2820 mm
Max. CHINAMFG Height 3310 mm 3540 mm 3880 mm 4122 mm
Gradeability 58(30)° 58(30)° 58(30)° 58(30)°
Overall Width 1110 mm 990/1240 mm 1300/1500 mm 1300/1500 mm


LEITE Mechanic Company Profile

ZheJiang CHINAMFG Machinery Co., Ltd. (LEITE Machinery for short), formally established in 2012, is a high-quality supplier of construction machinery in China. At present, it has established high-quality and stable agent partners in 57 countries and regions around the world, especially North America, Europe and other markets are the most popular. We provide customers not only high-quality products, technologies and services with leading advantages, but also overall solutions to meet diverse needs, so as to continue to create value for customers and help them achieve success.


1.Q:Can The Factory Support Mass Production? Can I Purchase A Customized Sample First?

A:Dear friends, CHINAMFG company can support mass production. It can mass produce 200+mini excavator in 1 month, and can support customization (one piece is fine), but it cannot provide free prototypes. Please forgive me, my friend!

2.Q:Can It Be Transported To My Door? I Want To Get My Favorite Mini Excavator Soon?

A:Of Course, My Friend, But If Your Family Is Located Very Close To The Port, We Suggest That You Can Go Directly To The Port To Transport Your Goods, So You Can Save A Lot Of Money! If The Distance Is Long, You Can Find An Inland Transportation Company By Yourself, And We Can Communicate With Him; We Can Also Find An Agency For You, But The Toll Will Be Very High (Not Recommended)
During Transportation, We Will Not Charge Any Intermediate Fees And Additional Service Fees Other Than Freight. We Just Want You To Get Your Favorite Mini Excavator Earlier.

3.Q:How Can I Guarantee After-Sales After I Buy It?

A:Dear friends, our machine has a one-year/1000H work warranty period. During this time, if there is any problem with the machine itself, we will repair it for you free of charge, but if it is man-made damage, we will Not responsible for the maintenance of the machine, please forgive me, my friend.

IF this cant meets your needs, we have other  models for choice
Click on the model to get detailed information


Mini Excavator LT1008 LT1012PLUS(HOT) LT1015(HOT) LT1571S LT1026S LT1035
Large excavator LT1050 LT1060(HOT) LT1150 LT1220 LT1385(HOT) LT10560


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After-sales Service: 24-Hour Online After-Sales Service
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Crawler Excavator
US$ 12599/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

post hole digger

How do post hole diggers contribute to the efficiency of tasks like deck construction?

Post hole diggers play a vital role in improving the efficiency of tasks like deck construction. They offer several benefits that enhance the overall construction process and expedite the installation of decks. Here are some ways post hole diggers contribute to the efficiency of tasks like deck construction:

  1. Precise Hole Digging: Post hole diggers allow for precise and consistent hole digging. They are designed to excavate holes of the desired diameter and depth, ensuring accuracy and uniformity in the placement of deck support posts. This precision is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and alignment of the deck, especially when multiple posts need to be installed.
  2. Time and Labor Savings: Compared to manual digging methods, post hole diggers significantly reduce the time and physical effort required to excavate holes for deck posts. The mechanical action of the digger, whether it’s a manual or powered model, allows for quicker and more efficient digging, minimizing the need for strenuous manual labor. This time and labor savings translate to increased productivity and faster completion of the deck construction project.
  3. Consistent Hole Depth: Achieving consistent hole depths is crucial for achieving a level and stable deck structure. Post hole diggers help maintain consistent hole depths by providing depth control features or markings on the digger. This ensures that all the deck support posts are set at the same height, resulting in an even and uniform deck surface.
  4. Reduced Soil Disruption: Post hole diggers are designed to minimize soil disruption during the digging process. They remove soil from the hole without disturbing the surrounding area excessively. This is particularly important in deck construction, where the integrity of the adjacent ground needs to be preserved to support the overall stability of the deck and prevent soil erosion.
  5. Ease of Operation: Post hole diggers are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. They typically feature ergonomic handles, balanced weight distribution, and intuitive controls. This ease of operation reduces operator fatigue and allows for more efficient and comfortable digging, especially when multiple holes need to be excavated for a deck construction project.
  6. Versatility: Post hole diggers offer versatility in terms of the types of soil they can handle. They are designed to tackle different soil conditions, including clay, loam, gravel, or sandy soils. This versatility ensures that the digger can efficiently excavate holes in various locations, enabling deck construction in diverse geographical areas.
  7. Adaptability to Various Deck Designs: Post hole diggers can accommodate different deck designs and configurations. Whether it’s a small backyard deck or a larger multi-level deck, post hole diggers can be used to excavate holes for support posts at the appropriate locations and spacing dictated by the deck design plans. This adaptability streamlines the construction process and facilitates the realization of various deck designs.

By offering precise hole digging, time and labor savings, consistent hole depth, reduced soil disruption, ease of operation, versatility, and adaptability to various deck designs, post hole diggers significantly contribute to the efficiency of tasks like deck construction. They streamline the process, improve productivity, and help ensure the construction of a sturdy, level, and well-aligned deck structure.

post hole digger

Can post hole diggers be adapted for use in both residential and commercial projects?

Yes, post hole diggers are versatile tools that can be adapted for use in both residential and commercial projects. Their design, features, and capabilities make them suitable for a wide range of applications, regardless of the scale or nature of the project. Here are some reasons why post hole diggers can be effectively used in both residential and commercial projects:

  1. Size Options: Post hole diggers are available in various sizes to accommodate different project requirements. They come in compact, lightweight versions ideal for residential use, as well as larger, heavy-duty models suitable for commercial projects. The availability of different size options ensures that post hole diggers can be matched to the specific needs of the project, whether it’s a small backyard fence installation or a large-scale commercial construction project.
  2. Adjustable Depth and Diameter: Many post hole diggers feature adjustable depth and diameter capabilities. This adaptability allows users to customize the digging parameters based on the specific project requirements. Whether it’s digging shallow holes for residential fence posts or deeper holes for commercial applications such as signposts or structural supports, post hole diggers can be adjusted to meet the desired depth and diameter specifications.
  3. Soil Compatibility: Post hole diggers are designed to handle various soil types commonly encountered in both residential and commercial projects. They can effectively dig holes in soil compositions such as clay, loam, gravel, or sandy soils. This versatility ensures that post hole diggers can be used in different geographical locations, whether it’s a residential backyard or a commercial construction site.
  4. Portability: Post hole diggers are generally designed to be portable and easy to transport. They can be maneuvered and operated in different project locations, whether it’s a residential property or a commercial worksite. The portability of post hole diggers allows for flexibility and convenience in tackling various projects, making them suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
  5. Efficiency and Time Savings: In both residential and commercial projects, efficiency and time savings are essential. Post hole diggers offer significant advantages in this regard. Their mechanical action, whether manual or powered, allows for faster and more efficient digging compared to manual methods. This translates to time savings and increased productivity, benefiting both residential homeowners and commercial contractors.
  6. Multiple Applications: Post hole diggers have multiple applications beyond residential or commercial projects. They can be utilized in various industries such as agriculture, landscaping, and construction. Their versatility makes them valuable tools for tasks like planting trees, installing poles, erecting signs, or setting up outdoor structures. This wide range of applications further highlights the adaptability of post hole diggers across different project types and sectors.

Overall, post hole diggers can be effectively adapted for use in both residential and commercial projects. Their size options, adjustable depth and diameter capabilities, soil compatibility, portability, efficiency, time savings, and multiple applications make them versatile tools that can tackle a wide range of projects, regardless of the residential or commercial context.

post hole digger

How do motorized post hole diggers compare to manual ones in terms of efficiency?

Motorized post hole diggers, such as gas-powered or electric-powered augers, offer several advantages over manual post hole diggers in terms of efficiency. Here are some key points of comparison:

  1. Digging Speed: Motorized post hole diggers are generally much faster than manual ones. The power source, whether it be a gas engine or an electric motor, provides rotational force to the auger blades, allowing them to penetrate the ground quickly. This increased speed can significantly reduce the time and effort required to dig a hole, especially in challenging soil conditions.
  2. Physical Effort: Manual post hole diggers require significant physical exertion from the operator. The operator needs to apply downward force and twist the digger to dig into the ground. In contrast, motorized diggers eliminate or greatly reduce the need for physical effort. The power source does the work of driving the auger into the ground, requiring minimal physical exertion from the operator.
  3. Consistency: Motorized post hole diggers tend to provide more consistent digging results compared to manual ones. The power-driven rotation of the auger blades ensures a steady and uniform digging motion. This consistency helps in achieving consistent hole diameter and depth, which is particularly important when installing posts or other structures that require precise measurements.
  4. Handling Challenging Soils: Motorized post hole diggers are often better equipped to handle challenging soil conditions. They can tackle compacted soil, rocky terrain, or dense clay with greater ease than manual diggers. The power-driven auger blades can exert more force and overcome resistance, making it possible to dig in soils that may be difficult or impossible to dig with a manual digger.
  5. Large-Scale Projects: Motorized post hole diggers are especially advantageous for large-scale projects that involve digging multiple holes or digging deep holes. The efficiency and speed of motorized diggers allow operators to complete the work more quickly and effectively, saving time and labor costs compared to using manual diggers.

While motorized post hole diggers offer greater efficiency and convenience, it’s important to note that they may come with higher costs and maintenance requirements compared to manual diggers. Additionally, manual diggers can be more suitable for smaller projects or situations where physical effort is not a concern.

In summary, motorized post hole diggers outperform manual ones in terms of speed, physical effort, consistency, handling challenging soils, and large-scale projects. However, the choice between the two depends on the specific needs, project scale, and budget constraints.

China Custom Household Mini Bucket Backhoe Excavator Machine with Post Hole Digger Attachments   double u joint pto shaftChina Custom Household Mini Bucket Backhoe Excavator Machine with Post Hole Digger Attachments   double u joint pto shaft
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